Elf Fantasy Fair

This years Elf Fantasy Fair was not 2 but 3 days. However I visited just one day:Sunday. It was a lovely day:Sunny with a cool breeze. Perfect weather for Thabo.
I went together with Sorin Omega, Forfaox, Tekno Catron and his girlfriend Lynn Aljon the Fennec.

The photos

Right away at the entrance be bumped into many other critters, both those who where knew, and new friends to be made.

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10169292_591632467598581_8217060536625459432_n ELFIA20APR2014_2774 ELFIA20APR2014_2783
ELFIA20APR2014_2813 ELFIA20APR2014_2820 ELFIA20APR2014_2855
ELFIA20APR2014_2864 ELFIA20APR2014_2870 ELFIA20APR2014_2883
ELFIA20APR2014_2951 ELFIA20APR2014_2955 ELFIA20APR2014_2959
ELFIA20APR2014_2970 ELFIA20APR2014_2974 ELFIA20APR2014_2980
ELFIA20APR2014_3023 ELFIA20APR2014_3119 ELFIA20APR2014_3122
ELFIA20APR2014_3123 ELFIA20APR2014_3124 ELFIA20APR2014_3159
ELFIA20APR2014_3162 ELFIA20APR2014_3163 ELFIA20APR2014_3170
ELFIA20APR2014_3185 ELFIA20APR2014_3201 ELFIA20APR2014_3229

Video impressions

A lovely impression by Harry de Wit (meerkat not included, but plenty of other awesome things!)

Video by:
Harry De Wit
Elf Fantasy Fair
Photos by:
Tekno Catron
Christiaan de Bie
Pyre Moonshadow
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