Antwerp convention

At Sunday April 27th I went to the Antwerp Convention together with Rin and Pebbles. It was a bit of a last moment decision, but I do not regret going. Not in the slightest!

When we arrived, already a long que was forming, but fortunately the second and third queque in front of the registers made sure we didn’t wait for that long. One of the first destinations was Colin Baker, most known for being the 6th Doctor in the long running Dr.Who series.

2014-04-27-10.38.26 2014-04-27-12.22.38

After that, we all went to walk around at the convention. The atmosphere was great, and after a day of fun we returned back to the Netherlands with fun memories. Perhaps we’ll drop by next time!

2014-04-27-10.38.34 2014-04-27-10.43.11 2014-04-27-12.22.47
2014-04-27-12.48.04 2014-04-27-12.54.54 2014-04-27-13.07.20
2014-04-27-15.08.15 2014-04-27-15.11.16 2014-04-27-15.13.15
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