Who worked on Thabo?

Thabo is my fursuit character, who has been around since May 2012. During the following years quite some things have changed with the meerkat. This page is to show who has worked on Thabo, complete with credits to their respective pages.

The initial version of Thabo was the result of a collaboration between Jillscostumes and Matrices (who made the body). He was commissioned in 2011, and saw the light of day during early 2012. His characteristic sock-tie was hand-knit by family.

ThaboSeaSide DSC_1185

In 2013 I commissioned new paws, from Fluffstorm. They were a bit more bulky than Jills’ version and make Thabo look a bit more like the original reference sheet. While they both had their charms, I preferred the big ones.

2014-04-27 12.22.47 13224612593_b758f06025_b

During my time with Thabo, I have gathered a whole bunch of props, ranging from a big grub (made by Mercurcy), down to several clothing items to complement his sock-tie and even a Thabo plushy (by Glacidea).

1372710863.madebymercury_grub_prop ELFIA20APR2014_2970 1429851587.thabo_dsc_3860

One of the most elaborate props is this Team Fortress 2 medigun made by Sorin Omega in 2015. It comes with working LED tip, sounds from the gun powering up in the game when the proper handle is pulled, and is powered through an USB cable that runs through the ‘hose’ to a battery in the ‘backpack’.

1421767186.thabo_thabomedic photo_2016-05-05_18-05-26 photo_2016-05-05_18-05-08

In 2016 Thabo got a major revamp by WeMightBite costumes: new paws, body and tail. This new body was more in line with the original reference sheet, and was experimental in several ways, such as having built-in support for EZ-cooldown inserts, a pass pocket in the arm-sleeve, and huge bags for pillow fluff in the legs to achieve that ‘cartoon’ shape. The feetpaws were replaced as well, mainly because the old ones were subject to wear and tear (thanks to Mylunee¬†for extending their¬†livespan) and restrictive for airplane travel.

1460662122.wemightbitecostumes_thabo photo_2016-04-10_04-52-49 grub

In 2017 WeMightBite performed some adjustments, in the thighs are 2 optional places for coolpacks. While invisible these are extremely effective. A new scarf has been knit, more closely resembling the original ref-sheet, a nd Mylunee made new padded handpaws.

In 2018 the entire insides of Thabo has been reworked by Nymfa Creations. These days the polyfill is being held in one place by a layer of lycra, which can be opened with steel zippers.

I would happily recommend any of the makers mentioned on this page for a commission in their respective fields. And of course, a big thank you to all those people who made performing with Thabo such an awesome experience.