During the weekend of 15-16th of March, I went to Liverpool together with Tekno and Rin to visit the Liverpool furs, also known as the Scousefurs, home of FurURadio.
We stayed at Feng, and Pet Yee and met many others, including Jester who stole my unique bucket! x.x

The photos are taken at the meet at the BaaBar in Liverpool.

The photos

LPFM_MAR2014_1356 LPFM_MAR2014_1346 LPFM_MAR2014_1279
LPFM_MAR2014_1209 LPFM_MAR2014_1383 LPFM_MAR2014_1363
LPFM_MAR2014_1360 LPFM_MAR2014_1308 LPFM_MAR2014_1284
LPFM_MAR2014_1277 LPFM_MAR2014_1268 LPFM_MAR2014_1248
LPFM_MAR2014_1241 LPFM_MAR2014_1228 LPFM_MAR2014_1213
LPFM_MAR2014_1173 LPFM_MAR2014_1153 LPFM_MAR2014_1149
LPFM_MAR2014_1085 2014-03-22-17.59.15 2014-03-22-17.57.06
Video by:
Photos by:
Tekno Catron
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