31st of December: Day 1

Every year I try to celebrate new year with friends. Nothing beats seeing fireworks and enjoying the festivities around those you know and love. This year I had the pleasure to be invited by Tani and Nightfox to join their new years convention. After work, I picked up Rin and we both drove to the location, a very iconic castle-complex in the German town of Bocholt.

While Rin was here before, she was invited for Tani and Nightfox’ their wedding, it was my first time. The first thing I noticed is the friendliness and trust of the landlady. She was very helpful to both of us. And as she told about the complex, I saw Rin her eyes grow and twinkle. When we entered the hallway directly to our room, my jaw floored. The interior looked even better than the exterior! And the rooms did not disappoint either.

img_1908 img_1912 img_1914

That evening we got served a lovely buffet with all sorts of wonderful treats. It was difficult to restrain myself not to try everything! After the food, I joined Henrieke, Karpour and Rin in a little artjam that lasted most of the night. Naturally we talked with other people as well. It is nice to visit smaller conventions like this where a lot of the ‘staff’ of bigger conventions go to. I finally got to talk to Blue Panther, Cairyn, Pinky, Gideon, and so many others without the pressure of having a show fixed, or being asked by other people, or just zooming around. The atmosphere was relaxed and everybody enjoyed this.

There was another party next to us. And during the evening various people peeked in. At one point they asked the fursuiters over. And boy, we were smothered in attention, facing a crowd of flashlights like you would not believe. It was nice to see that we could liven up the party next door, giving them a lot of memories that will last for a while.

As midnight approached, we got outside and started the countdown. While hugging Rin (who was dressed in her lovely Orahier suit ‘Mingchun’). It was amazing to see the fireworks in suit. Unfortunately quickly we realized that what goes up, also comes down! Resulting in a meerkat and a dragon quickly running and dodging our way to the hotel room. Nobody shot any fireworks at us, the castle area was secluded, but still, we had some freaky moments!

1st of January: Day 2

I woke up quite early, around 7:00am, got online, wished my friends in the US a nice upcoming new year, and took a nice stroll around the castle. It was raining a little, but despite this, the area looked wonderful. Later on Rin woke up, and we both had some leftovers for breakfast. And they were yummy! Some chocolate mousse from the other party and some nice bread, German style.

img_1931 img_1954 img_1961

In between things, we brought Blue Panther and Patrick back to the Haubtbahnhof. We had some coffee and a nice chat before we went back to the hotel. After a goodbye we drove home. Both satisfied, smiling and heading into 2013 with a nice start!

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