Every year you have a big event called the 48 hour movie project. This year I partook in the Utrecht edition, and it was a lot of fun! But how on earth did I end up here?
A while ago I was walking around on a fantasy festival together with Rin, where I bumped into this weird fellow in a princess outfit. This turned out to be Perry Mulder. An overal happy go lucky guy who was doing a series of nice reports where he interviewed visitors of various fantasy themed festivals.

We had a brief conversation and stayed in touch. I told him he could call me anytime if he needed a meerkat. Well, little did I know what I got myself into! A few weeks later I suddenly get a message, on Friday evening asking if I would like to join in suit for a movie project. When? Well, now. And bring everything. This was the start of a very wacky weekend, where I made a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun! Unfortunately not many other performers were available on short notice, but I managed to pull Rexy along.

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48 hours of chaos

The first day was mostly preparations and talking through the script. I met a lot of very creative and ambitious people. It was clear Perry surrounded himself with people with the same optimistic ‘can do’ attitude. And the results were there! At Friday the assignment was given: Make a fantasy themed short with certain elements in it. The idea of the team was to make the majority of the movie one long shot! To be honest, I was a bitĀ skepticalĀ about this; so many things that can go wrong! But I was proven wrong. After a few takes we actually got it all right! Seeing such devotion of the entire team was amazing! During that weekend I barely slept, but it was well worth it!


I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to work with such wonderful people. The movie ‘Kwak’ received the publics’ favor on the final showing, and we got nominated for ‘Best Movie Poster’. You can see the IMDB page here.

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