Eurofurence 22

Each year Berlin hosts the biggest European furry convention: Eurofurence. This year, a group of friends from the US decided to join us. The last time we spent together was Further Confusion 2012, which was a blast.

Monday August 15th 2016 and the weekend prior
During the weekend our friends arrived in various groups. While I was out doing meerkat stuff, Taross, DrJones and Haze picked up Doni, Niko, Pathia, Sige, Solan, Tersi, Alec, and Tazel. While they were getting all comfy at a local bungalow park (really nice penthouse they had!) I went to the North to have the yearly Forfaox BBQ. It was a small group, but it was a lot of fun, plus I could do some last moment tuning with Susan and Dktorzi for the big trip to EF. Sunday we all dropped by at Thaily and Hiryu’s artplace for some artjamming, anime, socialising and delicious home-made hamburgers <3

Monday the American group went to see Suicide Squad on the big screen, with a lovely sushi dinner afterwards. All in all a wonderful start of the holiday.

2016-08-13 18.27.59 2016-08-15 18.26.07

Tuesday August 16th 2016
This day was mostly a day of driving. In the early morning I went shopping, and right off the bat, the mood was set! At the local supermarket they had some excess flowers they gave to various customers. A fun gesture! After a quick visit at the cheese shop for the yearly port-party I drove towards Susan.

When I arrived at Susan, the traditional game of tetris began, but we managed to squeeze everything in! After a quick goodbye to the home-team, we started our 666Km trip to Eurofurence. The trip itself went fairly well, and at the Estrel checking in was done quickly. When everything was done, we all had a lovely dinner at the Estrel Stube. Man that mixed grill plate was noms!

2016-08-16 10.46.41 2016-08-16 14.16.00 2016-08-16 21.32.21

When in the hotel room, EFPrime was already on the telly. The remainder of the evening it was fun to meet up with old friends, and see so many awesome suits already flooding the hotel <3

2016-08-16 22.27.43 2016-08-16 22.41.52 2016-08-16 22.50.00

Wednesday August 17th 2016
The Estrel is a warm hotel. Due to the glass room above the lobby, the temperature inside rises considerably. I found myself taking several showers and a bath each day. In the morning, after a nice breakfast, we had a meeting of the daily Eurofurence. This year the paper was very well received, and you can find the complete archive here.

photo_2016-08-28_12-01-50 photo_2016-08-28_12-01-31

During the day I was busy for a bit with the artshow, meeting up with so many cool fuzzies, and I started to draw. This EF I did not draw as much as I wanted. But that we can fix next time 😀

2016-08-17 11.46.13 2016-08-17 16.00.08 2016-08-17 16.02.55

That evening we went back to the Stube with friends, and in the evening we had more creative fun.

2016-08-17 16.43.16 2016-08-17 16.04.36 2016-08-17 16.42.40-1

Thursday August 18th 2016
In the morning I had breakfast with Yinepu Sanctimonialis. It was a busy morning, right after the noms we had the daily EF meeting, followed by the art show setup.

And course, we had the dealers den!

Comparison Tablets

Friday August 19th 2016
Because the group photo was that tightly planned with the parade, I attended the Daily EF in fursuit. Thank goodness that room had proper airco.


Right after that, we had to run towards the group photo. I was a bit surprised this few showed up. Then again, it was morning, and the dealers den was about to open. Plus the temperature was insane. But the organisers actually had people walking about with leaf-blowers to cool down the fursuits, which was really innovative. Props to the organisation for this one. Plus they had wide lines, which mostly made sure everybody was visible in the picture.


The main photo will be uploaded when available.

During the afternoon I took part in a videoclip, which has not been released yet. It was a lot of fun to dance along. I myself cannot dance, let alone in a huge suit, but people seemed to like me going all wiggley waggley. I also attended the Dutch Angle Dragon preparations, where I helped along with a piece of this elusive species for Saturdays’ Daily Eurofurence.

2016-08-19 15.46.28 2016-08-19 13.55.12 2016-08-18 22.41.55

Most of Friday I spent with Diti, and he had been a great help with Thabo, and sure made the day a lot more fun. Plenty of catching up was to be done. And in the evening we had sushi with Rin, Dktorzi and Titash.

Later that evening I was invited to the yearly cheese and port party with the likes of FoxAmoore, Drias and PinkyFennec. Now, here the problem with the hotels’ airco started to show. Note that it was already warm as it is. But in the room up in Wing 1, it was so hot, that the 4 year old cheese actually started to sweat (from inside the air-tight wrapping).

Saturday August 20th 2016

In the morning we had some art-show things to do, including the charity auction. This year Eurofurence’s charity is the Painted Dog Conversation. One of the items sold was a big standee of a rooster, which I thought would be a fun present for Roos (from WeMightBite). When it was up at auction I was backstage as a gopher, so I ran onto the mainstage to shout “50 euro for the cock”.

2016-08-20 11.42.53 CqUQYFHWIAAAT93 2016-08-18 00.38.56

After a lovely dinner with Dktorzi, Titash, Rin, Copper, Sorin, Drias and Diti we went off having some creative fun in the artist lounge. Later we had an after party at the Daily EF, which was loads of fun. After a wonderful day, I slowly crawled back to the room.

Sunday August 21sth 2016
Sunday was mostly breaking off with the artshow. I turned some heads while I was dragging that giant cock (the standee, you perv) through the hotel. At the artshow, the giant tobelerone was being broken up, and we all got a piece. I gave one to the guys from the painted dogs.

That evening we were drawing a bit, and saying our last goodbyes to friends. This Eurofurence was wonderful, and I look forward to EF22: Ancient Egypt!

A big thank you to everybody who made this convention that awesome! So many more people that I could not name here. Big hugs to all!

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