Furry Weekend Holland 2016

Last weekend I had the pleasure to attend Furry Weekend Holland 2016; a small convention in the lovely Dutch province of Drenthe. After a huge round trip through the Netherlands to pick up supplies, and an Italian dragon (don’t ask) I was finally arrived.

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I love to visit conventions that have their own unique thing. Where one has a big fursuit parade, or another might have its sheer size, FWH takes pride in their haute cuisine. And with pride I mean they have something to be proud of! The entire weekend we were delighted by amazing foodstuffs. From delicious hand made teramisu to wraps filled with only the freshest ingredients. I am convinced we all left with at least a few extra pounds.

The fact my sleeping quarters were almost in the kitchen lead to the theory those pesky hyenas were plotting to stuff us meerkats for nefarious intent!

2016-03-19 22.53.14 2016-03-20 12.04.52 2016-03-20 17.05.13

Most of the time I was there, I spent in the ‘basement’ with a bunch of friends. A lot was drawn, and practically the entire weekend we were drawing the silliest of things. It was fun to meet a lot of old friends, and to make new ones!

2016-03-20 17.26.35 2016-03-20 18.29.30 2016-03-20 20.23.32

The general theme of FWH was as Dutch as it can be: Albert Heijn. Including stamp collecting for … yeah for what? Nobody knew! But we did it anyways. While I got 1 whole stamp myself, it was quite fun to see how people were doing everything to get them. Either helping the staff, or going on a treasure hunt through the entire site, since there were quite some stamps hidden!

2016-03-21 09.34.25 2016-03-20 20.00.31 2016-03-21 14.42.34

It has been a day since we left. And I am still feeling bloated. While some might have to recover from those December months. The guests of FWH know better: For them this is the real December.


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