Motor City Furry Con (and Meerkon 3)

First of all, I would like to give my thanks and gratitude to Blue (@LBBFur) and Titash (@titashmeerkat) for making this holiday to the States one to never forget. Even now, several days after I returned, my head is still buzzing with excitement.

2015 – 03 – 25 – Wednesday

Wednesday was going to be a very long day. Before dawn I got up, and packed my final things. Despite all the preparations, I did end up running a bit to the train. But I could use the work-out. Fortunately it was well before rush hour! And to top that, the train had no delay. So far so good. I also found out I did not travel by train for a long time. These days you are required to check in your train ticket like the OV-chipcard. Fortunately the train conductor was a good sport when I asked him.

2015-03-25-04.00.30 2015-03-25-10.14.13 2015-03-25-18.17.09

When I got onto the plane, it turned out one from Delta Airlines. The trip itself went rather uneventful, except from some turbulence, someone with food poisoning. It really gives a bit of a surreal movie-esque feeling when you hear the PA ‘is there a doctor on the plane’, followed by someone rushing by that looked like the co-pilot. The doctor turned out to be sitting next to me. She did her best to calm down the situation. After touchdown, the unfortunate soul that suffered from food poisoning was driven to the hospital. The doctor told me it was not that bad and everything was going to be okay.

The line in front of the customs was long, but fairly quick. Unfortunately Titash was less fortunate. When I got out, Blue was still stuck in traffic. When he arrived, we both waited for the better part of an hour, chatting about everything and whatnot before Titash finally arrived. Time went rather fast. While Blue and I have been friends for 20 years (it sounds so unreal!), this was actually the first time we actually met face to face. The synergy was there from the start, and Titash was the icing on the cake! The trip back to Blue’s place Titash kept on saying ‘everything looks so American’. Which holds some truth, especially when you, like him, are visiting the States for the first time, it *does* look like you are walking around in a virtual reality ultra HD version of Grand Theft Auto. Fortunately the people are a lot more friendly than said video game.

Arrived at Blue’s place, we exchanged gifts. He got me this adorable mini Thabo (custom made by @GlacideaDay), an awesome Meerkon III T-shirt for me and Titash. Titash had awesome artwork along. His line work remains legendary till this day. I got Titash his long awaited FWH T-Shirt (@FWHmarty) and Blue some Dutch movies on DVD and stroopwafels. Afterwards watched ‘Vet Hard‘, a Dutch movie I brought for Blue, and afterwards we all fell asleep.

2015 – 03 – 26 – Thursday

After a good night sleep we woke up and decided to have some breakfast. Titash wanted to have something typical American, so we thought McDonalds was a good idea. But lets just say some things are just a bit too American. After finishing the meal, we all felt that this might not have been a good choice. Fortunately the remainder of the holidays, our culinary choices were a bit more informed. Back home we started to re-pack everything to set off to Motor City Furry Con. Naturally just before that, Roth the Sloth had to steal Thabo’s glasses. During the quiet hours of the whole week, Titash was trying to take pictures for his LivePic series. Which turned out to be quite awesome! I do recommend to check them out on his artblog.

2015-03-26-20.25.23 2015-03-26-22.51.32 2015-03-27-11.18.38

While Blue drove in his own car. I went in a rental;The Chevrolet Impala. It took a bit of getting used to, at home I am used to drive a Seat Leon 6 gear stick shift. Combine this with the Imperial system, and the US way of driving (stay in your own lane and such). Fortunately unlike the UK, at least it isn’t all mirrored.

When we arrived at the hotel (@sheratonnovi), plenty of furries were around. It was quite difficult to miss, even for a clueless meerkat. That evening we ate at the Panera Bread (@panerabread), and it quickly became my favourite place to munch. Especially since my stomach agreed with the food served.

6efo0jM 2015-03-27-13.18.48 11036832_719812334796629_5723138458286736162_n

That evening I drew the first entry into Blue’s sketchbook, and made some new friends in the lobby. The atmosphere was very relaxed. That evening I met an awesome artist that would make my badge! She is very fast and reliable. More news about that below. Amongst her, her friend, Fireboy. Plus I got to see Era again, which was a joy. Fun fact: Stupidly drunken dragons can be fun!

2015 – 03 – 27 – Friday

In the early afternoon Titash and I decided to run around. Mainly due to the extremely dry weather the hotel made me feel like pikachu! Almost everything I touched shocked me through kingdom come. Not just small shocks, one time people on the other side of the room could hear the zap. And this was straight through my fursuit paw! And this went on and on and on. By the time the convention was almost over, I was very skittish to touch anything metal. Once the jolt went through the keycard! I mean, wow…

2015-03-27-13.17.21 2015-03-27-18.03.45 11074169_370725953129066_7365915213055211580_n

During the entire convention, most of the soda drinks were provided by Faygo (@Faygo). They had a small mountain of cans in the back of the sponsor lounge. The staff had no problem with me converting it to an enormous throne. After we took a picture, people and suits alike were taking pictures of it all day. Much fun was had. On a side-note, if you ever get to go to Michigan, do give Faygo a try. It is sugar based, not that corn syrup stuff.

During the day I saw some wonderful people. On the left you can see Wahaneta (@Armored_lady) and Aegon. In the middle we have Monaco Otter (@monacootter), and on the right me sitting on the throne of Faygo.

(Thabo @ 4:10, video by JacDee)
That afternoon I met a whole bunch of Blue’s friends in the hotel room. They are a delightful weird bunch. And they make the best booze! For dinner Titash and me went to eat at 5 guys burgers (@five_guys). He got the tip through his friends online, and boy was it a good one! Those burgers are delicious, but the fries take the cake. Later that night I found myself to the artist room. And the atmosphere once more was amazing! I started drawing at 9am, and before I knew it, it was 3am!

2015 – 03 – 28 – Saturday

On Saturday morning I had breakfast with the entire gang and Tycho Aussie (@TychoAussie). I finally got to meet him! He is really a great example for the fursuiting community. I do recommend to check out his twitter, or his profile on google+.

Later that day we had the fursuit parade and the fursuit photoshoot. It was a bit chaotic but a lot of fun. Also, during the convention I visited the fursuit photographer @AbrahmLion

(Thabo @ 1:58, Titash @ 2:03, Andy @ 9:20, video by Joe Wolf)

2015 – 03 – 29 – Sunday

The last day of MCFC. Time sure did fly. A lot of people were already leaving, however many stayed for the after party in the former sponsor lounge. I spent quite a while drawing there. While a bit busy, much fun was had. And I even got a visit by Abrahm. I spent most of the evening with FireBoy and Keero amongst otters.

A selection of art I’ve drawn for others

2015-03-29-01.27.32 2015-03-29-22.18.51 2015-03-29-23.05.45


A selection of art made by others

2015-03-27-20.12.12 2015-03-28-10.47.21 2015-03-30-02.02.55

We had fun till deep in the night.

2015 – 03 – 30 – Monday

After a good nights’ sleep we checked out from the hotel and started our drive ‘home’. Blue left the evening before to take care of his adorable house-cat. During our trip we stopped various times to take pictures. The weather was nice, ideal for pictures actually. Such a start contrast of what the next day would be: Snow. Funnily enough at the end of the day, all traces were gone, and it would be just like it was another summer day. It just felt odd. But nice though. I can find peace with the Michigan weather. At least in the Spring. I am not sure about summer or winter.

2015-03-30-10.53.06 2015-03-31-11.35.26 2015-03-31-13.58.35


2015 – 03 – 31 – Tuesday

When we woke up this morning, it was snowing! Titash rushed out to take a bunch of photos. Later that day, after a brief visit of Blue his parents’ house we went to see New Baltimore. It is a lovely impression of ‘Small Town USA’, where we visited a comic shop and the beach.

2015-03-31-15.27.23 2015-03-31-16.19.19 2015-03-31-16.49.01

Later we went bowling. Blue took the opportunity to buy himself a new bowling ball. After a nice dinner at a Taco restaurant (who has Taco Tuesdays! So it is a thing!), we went bowling in a typical American venue.

2015-03-31-20.17.48 Titash-089-LivePic-2015-04-04-750x750 2015-03-31-16.56.46


2015 – 04 – 01 – Wednesday

As with all things, even the most epic of weeks must end. Today Blue drove both me and Titash to the Detroit Airport. Unfortunately he had to leave right away. Titash and I walked around on the airport. Titash even made one last awesome livePic. While Titash took a direct flight to Paris, I had to switch planes in Toronto. As I waited for 4 hours in what must have been the most hipster airport in the world, I ate some delicious sushi, as served by @julesbedeau who provided some excellent service. Unfortunately the last part of the trip was in a KLM aircraft which was waaaay too crampy. For 3 days I had muscle ache, not to mention the in flight entertainment system, which provided the Hobbit in majestic 8 bits color. I never played so much solitaire in my life.

2015-04-01-19.54.10 2015-04-01-20.20.42 Titash-088-LivePic-2015-04-03-750x750


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