2014 – 05 – 18 – Sunday

Before sunrise we took off from the little town of Middelbeers towards Southampton, England. It was going to be quite an eventful trip! At the tunnel there seemed to be a drill going on with one of the helicopters, and on top of that, we saw more and more old timers on the road. Turned out there was a big happening in the South of England, causing quite some of those old beauties to be on the road. While I was driving, Susan had a grand time checking out old MG’s, Mini’s, and even an occasional Lightning! Our stay at Southampton with Albus was short, but good. We were greeted in a warm home, and soon we were on our way to our final destination of the day: Cardiff.

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2014 – 05 – 19 – Monday

Due to the busy weekend, I was a bit confused at first. I’d swear it was Sunday, but nothing was further from the truth. We had a marvellous sleep at our B&B of choice:Ty Rosa. The guys running it were helpful along the way. During that morning we were sketching in the garden when unfortunately one of the reference sheets slipped through the wooden floor! Now, this was not just an ordinary reference sheet, but one with an RFID tag, given to Susan by a very good friend. Fortunately the gents from the hotel allowed me and Albus to go on expedition. Naturally, the beams are now back into place and we certainly will keep our reference sheets away from the their garden.

2014-05-19-09.36.37 2014-05-19-17.07.04 2014-05-19-12.03.34

Later that day, we went into the city, and Albus got to try on his new suit Zuberi for the first time in public. Much fun was had! The public responded very enthusiastically, and we had a little photoshoot done, showing how Zuberi came to be 😉

1400542941.thabo_dp14regenerationmeerkat2014 – 05 – 20 – Tuesday

In Cardiff it seems the shops can choose their day off in the week. Which I find very convenient for the shop owners, but you would understand we were not that happy to find it closed on a Tuesday. Of course, if we had only read the leaflets better we should have known. But not much was lost! Behind the Doctor Who Experience there turned out to be a lovely boat exhibit. We felt a bit guilty knowing their guests for the moment were merely disappointed Dr.Who enthousiasts, but that feeling quickly made place for awe. Their small but informative exhibit covers a lot of aspects of maritime exploration throughout the ages, and quite some time passed as 3 curious Whovians explored the numerous boats, rafts and crafts.

Downtown we raided the local Forbidden planet. We even found a very interesting working DeLorean model car from Back From The Future, including working lights and all that. And on the way back we encountered a very lovely Morris.

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2014 – 05 – 21 – Wednesday

Today was the day we could finally go to the Doctor Who experience! And while we were there before, Albus, Susan and I were curious to see the new additions. While so many things were familiar, those hours passed by like nothing! While last year Dr.Meerkat visited the exhibition, this year it was Dr.Osgood and K9;she got quite some inquiries from curious visitors and staff alike!

2014-05-21-11.11.15 2014-05-21-11.23.50 2014-05-21-11.31.27

After the Doctor Who Experience, we realised it was quite late. After a quick detour past the Forbidden planet and Build-A-Bear to get the remaining DeLoreans and a huge pony for a friend we rushed towards the Pumping Station. While unfortunately our favourite shop was closed, there was plenty of other things to check out. That place is a true goldmine!

2014-05-21-13.14.00 2014-05-21-15.50.16 2014-05-21-15.55.25

Those days at Cardiff flew by! That evening we had to pack! It only seemed like we just arrived. But tomorrow we would be travelling to the best furry convention on the British Isles: Confuzzled.

2014 – 05 – 22 – Thursday

The next morning we went back to the Pumping Station, to find the little shop with all the Dr.Who toys open. But that was not all! There was even a gent with a very cute looking baby owl. That sure was a nice surprise to see. Our spending spree did leave me with quite a challenge to get everything in the car. But we managed somehow. It doesn’t seem to matter what size of car we bring along, it just never is enough on trips like these! Just before the trip we decided to have a quick burger for breakfast. I thought the place looked familiar, then we realised it was ‘Amerika’ from one of the Dr.Who episodes.

2014-05-22-11.58.17 2014-05-22-14.10.33-1 2014-05-22-14.29.47

Soon after we drove off to Birmingham. The trip itself was quite uneventful sake for a few lovely classics on the road. We arrived too late for early registration. After we checked into our room, we tried to get some rest.

2014 – 05 – 23 – Friday

Finally! The first day of the convention! We met up with a lot of friends, and made a bunch of new ones. Confuzzled was well attended, the atmosphere was good, and the registration line was, as tradition dictates, very long. We did switch rooms. Unfortunately a lot was wrong with the first one, such as a tilted bed, causing me to roll out, and several malfunctioning powerplugs. While the hotel itself had its fair share of problems, the staff did everything they could to help us. Even though we got the impression it was being run by Ferengi.

2014-05-26-13.03.59 CFz2014_23_3794 2014-05-22-22.30.55

Albus his new suit was very well received and I am still convinced he truly was the most adorable suit in that entire convention! We saw a lot of new suits out there, including some truly wonderful avians. The fandom could use more birds! Later on that evening we had fun in the artroom. The mood was light, and much fun was had as we drew until deep in the night!

2014 – 05 – 24 – Saturday

That morning we wanted to partake in the furry photoshoot. Unfortunately due to circumstances Albus could not attend, but I went together with Titash. It was a lot of fun. He is one of the most bouncy and awesome meerkats I know!

1401447930.thabo_ameerselfie2014 – 05 – 25 – Sunday
This convention is also as the convention with the most meerkats so far: 3, and they came from all over Europe! This calls for a selfie!

This morning was the morning for the fursuit parade! Yay!

(You can see us at 10:20, video by Matfurry)

2014-05-25-14.46.24-2 2014-05-26-13.52.32 2014-05-27-00.07.26

After the fursuit parade, I attended Deezl’s Frankensuit event. That was a lot of fun! Now, think of 3 teams constructing a fursuit, only they have 1 hour and have to use all sorts of random items! Later on we retreated to the artist alley once more to draw those hours away!

2014 – 05 – 26 – Monday

Last night was a bit too intense. We all slept in till very late. In the morning we did attend the closing ceremony, and most of the day we spent visiting a good friend of ours to bring the pony we got a few days back. That evening we returned to the consite and danced till deep in the night!.

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2014 – 05 – 27 – Tuesday

The Dead Dog Party was till deep in the night. It was quite late when we woke up. Even though half the hotel was dead tired, Titash found a way to bounce up and ‘arrest’ everybody who was not having fun!

2014-05-27-16.18.05 2014-05-27-16.20.02 2014-05-27-18.31.14


2014 – 05 – 28 – Wednesday

After a quick dinner, we travelled to Southampton. Goodbyes were few, and difficult. I was not a fun feeling leaving the hotel behind. But it was an awesome week! Confuzzled is a happy memory I will cherish for a long time!

2014 – 05 – 29 – Thursday

We went into downtown Southampton and walked around. UK towns are fun! I love the particular atmosphere from Southampton.

2014-05-29-15.28.13 IMG_9844 2014-05-29-17.05.29


2014 – 05 – 30 – Friday

Today we spent most of the day lounging about, washing and drying Thabo in the garden. The meerkat was so beat from all the dancing, he hung completely limp from the clothing rack!

2014 – 05 – 31 – Saturday

We left the UK early in the morning. The trip went allright, this was truly an amazing holiday!

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