The Stormdragon Photoshoot

28th of April: Photoshoot

On Sunday the 28th of April, we had a photoshoot in Schiedam in the studio with Hiryu. You can find his FA gallery here. Basically we spent an entire afternoon taking pictures with some friends. And the results are awesome.

Feel free to take a look. The following people are featured:
– Thabo the Meerkat (FurAffinity Gallery)
– Rexy the pup (FurAffinity Gallery)
– Mauw the lion (FurAffinity Gallery)
– Faolan the wolf (FurAffinity Gallery)
– Taoru Tenguin the panda (FurAffinity Gallery)

furries-2208 furries-2618-edit furries-2215
furries-2230 furries-2243-edit furries-2661
furries-2258-edit furries-2390 furries-2411
furries-2549-edit furries-2343-edit furries-2319
furries-2266 furries-2446 furries-2437
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